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Orgonite Smoky Crystal Sphere Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

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  • Materials:lapis lazuli,Smokey Quartz,Resin
  • Size: Approx.6cm(2.4 inches)
  • Package:1pc orgone pyramid with an exquisite packing box.

      Smoky Quartz is a free-form crystal that is the perfect size and shape to comfortably wear around the neck on a daily basis. The Smoky Crystal Sphere is an amazing addition to this variety of stone. It provides a protective barrier against negative energies in one's environment. It absorbs and transmutes an unlimited number of negative energies to improve mood and energy levels, supports mental clarity, & wards off spiritual negativity.

    Lapis Lazuli, a powerful intense blue stone used to open minds and give enlightenment, is also an ancient Egyptian gemstone. Lapis Lazuli is said to provide protection against negative energies and the ancient Egyptians believed it helped them communicate with their ancestors.