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Orgonite Rose Quartz Sphere with Obsidian Gemstone Energy Pyramid

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  • Materials: Rose Quartz,Black Quartz,Metal flower,Resin,Love
  • Size: Approx.6cm(2.4 inches)
  • Package:1pc orgone pyramid with exquisite packing box.

     Rose Quartz gemstones are all about love, unity and harmony. They have been used to help heal broken hearts and open the heart chakra. These stones have a number of healing properties such as warding off bad luck, lowering blood pressure, protecting against toxins and more.
    Protection - It's said that obsidian can dissolve emotional blockages and ancient traumas, helping you to bring clarity to your emotions. It is a truth-enhancing, protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity from everything around you. This amazing stone also draws out mental stress an.