Orgonite Pyramid Meaning

The orgonite is a powerful and positive energy generator that has been proven to neutralize negative energy. This is a small and beautiful pyramid that holds an orgonite sphere with many layers of metal, wood, and other natural materials. You can place it in your home or office to protect yourself against any negative or stressful energies.

 Orgonite is a type of energetic crystal that comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are the most powerful type of protection against EMF and environmental toxins. Our pyramid energetically absorbs negative energy, transmuting it into positive vibration. It's a perfect companion for your bedroom or workspace.

 The orgonite pyramid is a powerful protection tool that can be used in the home, at work, or on the go. It works as a metal protection grid, cleanses energy and it's energy field of negativity, helps to protect your home from electromagnetic smog, and it's energies are protective.

 It's also a powerful cleansing tool and help you heal your body and keep away unwanted energies. It is made with a lot of love and care, using natural materials from sustainable sources. The pyramid is intended to be a reminder that we need to put more love into the world, like through orgonite.