Orgonite Pyramid How To Make

The Orgonite Pyramid's design uses a single point of entry while having three sides of protection – each side has a different positive attribute. The Orgonite Pyramid is a pyramid-shaped orgonite made of quartz crystal and copper wire. It can be used as a form of protection against any unwanted energies that might come your way.

Make your own orgonite pyramids and use them to purify your space! A pyramid is a structure with a square base and triangular sides. It is a geometric shape that is typically associated with the earth, but since orgonite is made from quartz, it can be beneficial for spiritual and metaphysical purposes.

Orgonite pyramids are a safe and powerful way to combine the powerful metaphysical properties of orgonite with earth energy, one of the most abundant sources of clean, renewable energy in our natural world. The pyramid is made from orgonite and forms a field that is charged with earth energy. Placed beneath beds, inside cabinets or other areas in your home where you want to ground unwanted negative energy, the pyramid will absorb it and send it back.

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