1.What is orgonite?

Orgonite is composed of a variety of crystals, metals, and non-metallic materials that create a high-powered natural defense shield.Orgonite includes a variety of minerals and metals, including citrine, magnetic iron oxides, and copper, which are infused into a plant-based resin.

2.Does the pyramid neutralize EMF?

Yes, our Orgonite Pyramids not only neutralize EMF but use its energy towards forming a positive energy field in your home or office. The orgonite pyramid was developed to neutralize EMF and transmit a vibration of love and healing. This is the perfect gift for people who care about the earth, healing, energy and meditation, who want to make positive changes in their life or who would like to support people following a spiritual path.

3.Uses of pyramid

The Uses of Pyramid is a beautiful, highly-sought after art object. It can be used as a functional piece of art that you can use to decorate your space. It has the power to attract people and make them remember the past.

Pyramids are used in offices to discard the negative energies in the surrounding and render soothing atmosphere instilled with peace and success.Pyramids structure is good for meditation which also enhances concentration and mind power.

4.Do orgonite pyramids work without being charged?

Yes, orgonite pyramids are effectively "self-charging" and have the ability to neutralize any negative energy. Orgone pyramids do not need to be charged in order to have a healing effect in your life.

5.Benefits of pyramid meditation

The orgonite pyramid has been created for the purpose of meditation, which can lead to better health and personal growth.

 Orgonite pyramids can protect against harmful electromagnetic radiation from devices like cell phones, wifi and other sources

 Orgonite pyramids will help you relax and focus your power. It has been used for centuries to generate positive energy, attract good luck, and ward off bad vibes.

 Orgonite is a mix of stones and metals that contains natural energy. It is said to protect you from negative or harmful energy, draw good energy into your life and purify the environment.

 Orgonite is a special potent blend of metals and minerals that harmlessly repels all negative energies and entities, while simultaneously emitting a field of energy that is beneficial to all life forms.

 Orgonite is a metal-organic framework of bio-active molecules such as boron and silicon, that has been shown to provide protection from EMF radiation, negative geopathic and environmental stress.