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The idea of Orgonite energy goes back to the late 1800s, when Wilhelm Reich first described a force that he called orgonite. This life-force energy is what we all have naturally and it falls into two categories: bioenergetic and cosmic.

The word “Orgo” is a portmanteau of "orgasm" and "organism," which is important because orgonite energy is believed to be generated by organisms. Reich discovered that the human body generates orgonite energy and that it could be collected by specially designed devices. These devices were usually made from metal or wood, but could also be constructed out of other materials such as glass or plastic.

Reich claims that orgonite energy can heal people, plants, animals, and even objects like cars. He also theorized that orgonite energy could have a measurable effect on Earth's atmosphere, weather patterns, and magnetic fields.

The Orgonite Pyramid is a device that uses negative ions to build and maintain a healthy living environment. There is evidence that the negative ion generators found in orgonite pyramids, do as much good for a building as the AC units and can be used to create an electromagnetic shield against EMF radiation.

Orgonite Pyramids are the perfect way to amplify and channel the power of Orgonite energy. Join the chakrapromise and purchase one today!