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Orgonite Citrine Crystal Sphere Malachite Jasper Pyramid

  • $39.99
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  • Materials:Citrine Quartz,Malachite Jasper, gold foil, copper, Resin, Love
  • Size: Approx.6cm(2.4 inches)
  • Package:1pc orgone pyramid with an exquisite packing box.

    Citrine is a powerful crystal with a history of uplifting the mood and inspiring positive thoughts. You’ll also love it for its soothing properties and enhanced energy. The first color of citrine is said to tone down anger, fear, and other negative feelings, leaving you with an overall sense of peace.

    Malachite Jasper has been prized as a precious stone throughout history. The ancient Egyptians regarded the stone as a sacred healing power and believed it opened the soul to enlightenment. It is said to support you in times of stress and open your heart to compassion. It is also said to protect you from negative energy, promoting courage and strength.